Instrumentation Cables

We are making pair/Tried/Individual and over all Alluminium polyester tape and ATC drain wire/Tin copper briding armoured/unarmoured cables. These Cables ensure smooth Communication of Low Level Signal from Electronics transmitters to the Control Room High Quality Instrumentation Cables.

Data Instrumentation Cables

We offer high quality DI cables that are constructed with Tinned Copper conductor & PVC Insulation with individual & overall shielding and drain. These are available in full range of sizes, insulation options and shield types for special installations. These are also available for providing mechanical protection.

Instrumentation Cables

Instrumentation and Multicore Screened (Shielded) Cables :- These cables are PVC insulated & sheathed multicore armoured and unarmoured screened (shielded) cables that are used to transmit signals and energy from one end to the other with minimal interference. These cables play a vital role in today’s automated world and find its main application in control systems, monitor networks and various other engineering industries that need to measure, supervise and control.

Control Cables

We are manufacturers of Instrumentation/Control Cables applicable in data transmission, signalling and indicators. Made up of Copper (electro Copper) and are long lasting in nature. 

Screened Instrumentation Cables

Our clients can avail from us a flawless quality of Screened and Unscreened Instrumentation Cables. Designed to perfection, these cables are known to maintain high accuracy and sensitivity. Our range of screened/ unscreened instrumentation cables are manufactured using high quality of aluminum & mylar tape with copper drain wire or tinned copper braided. Easily installable, these cables plays an important role in enhancing productivity, quality, economy and control of the entire plant

Instrumentation Screened Cables

We have specialization in Manufacturing Screen Cables that are produced using various conductor sizes with different diameter. These cables are manufactured in accordance with various Indian standards. These cables can transmit signals without any external interference. Used in various purposes, our cables are durable and effective our screened cables are highly appreciated for having high voltage resistance and shock proof characteristics.

Electronics Instrumentation Cables

We manufacture an assortment of cables and wires that are available in various specifications. These cables possess excellent heat resistant for which it has gained huge appreciation in the market. These are manufactured using wrapping tape over silver or nickel conductor & cured in a sintering oven. Wrapping offers better uniformity and circularity than extruded cables. It has excellent insulating properties and good thermal stability.

Instrument Cable

We offer a broad range of Instrument Cables that is easy to install and designed to maintain high accuracy & sensitivity of system. The instrumentation cables that we offer are designed to ride herd on process variable, which further may range from transducers to environmental controls. Clients can get these cables in customized specifications as per their requirements.